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SRS began as a Library. In 1978, 27 students launched an initiative to collect textbooks reducing academic costs for needy students. On “Gandhi Jayanti” 2nd October, 1980 the group became a legal entity under the Rajasthan Society’s Registration Act (1958). Thus, the Student’s Relief Society (S.R.S.) was born. SRS expanded significantly throughout the 1980s. Increasing membership along with greater expertise broadened the range of target areas. These grew to include the promotion of child’s rights as well as related cultural activities. During the 1990s the organization underwent significant changes. All accept one of the 27 founders left the organization during this period to pursue professional careers. This one was Mr. Prem Narayan Sharma, current Director of SRS and former Library-Aid, Scholarship Committee member and General Secretary. Under his leadership the organization greatly widened its scope, newly including projects on health-related issues, vocational training, women’s rights, water and sanitation as well as environmental protection. For the new millennium SRS is mobilizing its nearly 38 years of experience to challenge illiteracy, poverty, gender inequality, poor health and environmental problems in its areas of action. The organization changes its strategy in 2006- project to programme-based approach was set to improve the quality of SRS’ services fortify the constructive effects of its development initiatives and maximize the sustainability of its efforts at the grassroots level.

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